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I have been in Papua New Guinea for over 12 months now. The friendships and opportunities for service here are incredible. The heartache is real but so is the love. God is still at work among the Kamea people, and I am so blessed to be a tool in the ministry here.  I continue to meet weekly with my youth girls. Each week I give the girls a new question to ponder and discover answers for using only scripture. The following week I give the girls a chance to share the verses they have found to answer the question. After everyone has shared and we discuss the verses, we as a group choose one or multiple verses that best answer the question of the week. Throughout the following week we work on memorizing the verse(s), and when we meet again we review. Each week we review every question with the corresponding scripture lest we forget. We are on question twenty this week. I have thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to memorize scripture and grow in knowledge and love with these sisters in
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But God remembered

Genesis 8-Noah in the ark. This morning I'm tired, frustrated, overwhelmed. I don't really feel like studying God's word, but I want encouragement. In this chapter, the rain comes to an end, and Noah is just in the ark. What's the big deal? I just want to get to the rainbow. I want to get to the part of God's promise. After all, I'm looking for encouragement. I just want the end of the story. I'm looking for the happy ending.                 I found myself skimming the chapter quickly to check off my time with God in hopes for a blessed day full of energy and God's promises. When I paused for a minute and realized my selfish ambitions, I noticed verse one: " But God remembered Noah ..." Noah was stranded and hopelessly suspended in an ark above the earth. He was powerless. Nothing in his own strength could rescue him,  but God . What a powerful truth. God remembers. He remembers me in my frailties. He remembers me on my worst days and my b

Unemployed but Enlisted

According to my bank account and legal records, I am currently unemployed. I quit my job at West Florida Hospital on Friday, August 4, 2017 and have been busy ever since. I had five short days to pack up my whole entire life in Florida. This included selling all furniture, organizing items to keep or donate, packing bags for national and international travel, finishing visa requirements, saying final goodbyes, and preparing my vehicle for the 1,000 mile journey home to Maryland. These were probably the hardest days of this journey physically and mentally. Because of this, my emotions did not have time to respond, but that would come later. Also, it is hard to be sad when you are doing something so extraordinary that you know only God could make it possible. The next eight days flew by as I spent every waking moment with family between Maryland and New Jersey. We laughed, we cried, we said our goodbyes, then I took off from JFK airport in New York City to the opportunity of a lifet